The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) defines the creative industries as 'those industries that are based on individual creativity, skill and talent. They are also those that have the potential to create wealth and jobs through developing intellectual property.'

The Creative Industries are made up of different disciplines. Rye Studio will cover many areas within these industries in A level and BTEC courses and enhance your understanding through work placements and enrichment.

Art and Design

  • 2D and 3D
  • Fine Art
  • Installation
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Textiles
  • Lens and light based media

Performing Arts

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music


  • Film
  • Television
  • Radio and audio
  • Interactive media
  • Animation
  • Creative writing
  • Advertising

Creativity in context

All creative work is set within the wider world, and this theme is aimed at understanding how and why. Who was the work made for or aimed at? What was going on in the world – was it a time of war or of rapid social change? Did new technologies play a part – ie new types of materials? How does the wider world affect today's creative work?

Work placements will ensure that you understand how your creative skills will fit into the context of work

Thinking and working creatively

This is all about solving problems in creative ways and having the confidence and persistence to follow through. Every creative worker needs to explore new ideas and be open to experiments. It's hard to teach anyone to think and work creatively, but the excitement of trying new ways of doing things is a good starting point.

This skill has been identified as missing by employers and the government, Rye Studio will be supporting you to develop these skills in abundance.

Principles, processes and practice

This theme is aimed at developing the practical skills and techniques that will give you the tools you need to express your ideas. You will want to have the practical know-how to work at the cutting edge of creative practice. Project based learning will not only support the acquisition of creative skills but help you combine them with cross art forms to inform new possibilities.

Creative business and enterprise

Most creative people work in a business context – they need to make the most of their creativity in a commercial marketplace. This theme is about helping you to understand where you can fit into the industry and how you can progress. Links with the business world will help prepare you for life after education.

Careers in the creative industries

If you are a talented artist, designer, writer, musician, photographer or multimedia designer, then you are likely to want to work in a creative industry. You can work as a freelancer or work for a larger company that employs you for your creative talent and skill.

The creative industries include:

  • animation and illustration
  • three-dimensional, product and interior design
  • fashion and textile design
  • fine art including painting, printmaking and sculpture
  • journalism and writing
  • music
  • photography
  • performing arts
  • multimedia
  • new media
  • graphic design

Mapping the creative industries

January 7, 2012 by ianforrester

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino has drawn up her first thoughts on the creative industries and how they are connected. It comes from her experience at the V&A's Power of Making symposium.

In her own words…

As I work my way through my notes on the event, I also wanted to start to unpick who was using the word "make" and what they were making. This is a first stab and not really about creating collaborative connections yet. I might also be missing some things, do let me know. In this, I think we can see where the "creative industries" overlap and therefore where skill sets overlap. This also proves perhaps that one should be quite careful with using any one term. Designer, artists, engineer…when you look close enough, can become one and the same.

 personally think its a great map and a very good stab at a difficult subject. Great to see Artist, Designer, Hacker, Developer, Engineer, Crafts person all given the footing as one another.

I specially like the fact Hacker is sandwiched right between designer and developer… Something I certainly like to class myself as.

Maybe if I was to change two things it would be the notion of 2D and Crafts person. Digital is maybe different from 2D and certainly from 3D. Crafts person strikes me as too descriptive and tied down to a format. However I don't really have another name to suggest…


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Creative industries in Sussex

The creative industries are an important part of the economy in Sussex. Below are links to local organisations and information that you might find useful if you are wanting to work in the creative industries in the region.

  • Brighton and Hove Arts Commission Made up of prominent members of the arts and creative industries community in
  • Brighton & Hove. (The site is currently under reconstruction.)
  • Brighton and Hove City Council - Creative Industries in Brighton and Hove Information on this sector in Brighton and Hove.
  • Brighton Museum and Art Gallery Find out what's on at the museums and galleries throughout Brighton.
  • Carousel Carousel inspires people with learning disabilities to achieve their artistic ambitions. There are opportunities to volunteer with Carousel.
  • Chalk Gallery A collaborative project in Lewes between 21 artists who work together to promote and sell each other's work, run the venue and pay the bills. There are opportunities to join the Chalk Gallery.
  • Fabrica They offer support and information resources for artists.
  • Interface Brought to you by a-n, the artists information company. Use the right hand search box to find exhibitions and arts events in and around Brighton.
  • The Brighton Collective A website offering an opportunity to display creations alongside other designers.
  • The Sussex Guild A group of professional designers and makers of fine contemporary and traditional craftwork, whose members live and work in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire. The members have been selected for their high degree of skill and creativity.
  • Virtual Brighton and Hove – arts directory Directory listings for of the arts and crafts industry, including links to various artists, craft shops, galleries, studios and places to learn.
  • Wired Sussex Member Directory The business development agency for over 1,200 digital and new media companies and freelancers across Sussex and the South East.

 Studios/collective spaces in Sussex

  • The School Creative Centre, Rye
  • Biscuit Studio, Hove
  • Brighton Media Centre, Brighton
  • Claremont Studios, Hastings
  • Paddock Studios, Lewes
  • Phoenix Arts Association, Brighton
  • Red Herring Studios, Hove
  • The Mill Studio, Arundel

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