When the ‘Severe Weather Procedure’ is in operation, the status of the college and studio school will be reported as one of the following:

  • ‘College and/or studio school are open as normal’;
  • ‘College and/or studio school are subject to partial closure’;
  • ‘College and/or studio school are closed’.

In the case of ‘full closure’ or ‘partial closure’:

  • Closure will be reported on the college and studio school websites;
  • Closure will be reported to the local authority and alerts made via their website;
  • Parents will be alerted to the closure using our text messaging service;
  • Parents will be alerted to the closure using our Facebook and MyEd app.

During ‘full closure’ or ‘partial closure’ older students will be typically dismissed first taking younger siblings with them in line with parental preferences. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure the college has up-to-date preferences during severe weather. The college uses the following preferences as a guide but also takes a broad range of factors into consideration when choosing to dismiss:

  • ‘Leave college immediately’;
  • ‘Leave college with friend or relative (to be stated)’;
  • ‘Remain at college until 3.20pm to be collected’;
  • No parental response defaults to ‘remain at school until 3.20pm to be collected’.

The college will undertake a risk assessment before sending students out in adverse conditions. Typically, dismissal is managed in the following manner though can be dependent on circumstances:

  1. The studio will be closed and all students dismissed (partial closure);
  2. Year 11 and Year 10 students will be dismissed (partial closure);
  3. Year 9 students will be dismissed (partial closure);
  4. Year 8 and Year 7 students will be dismissed (full closure).

Parents will be notified of the manner of dismissal via text message, website and other social media. In the event conditions are so severe that transport services are halted or it is deemed unsafe for students to travel alone, parents will be required to make arrangements to collect their children or arrange for a trusted adult with identification to do so. For students in outlying villages our preference is that children are picked up from the college by a trusted adult with identification.

Click here to view our Severe Weather Procedure policy.

Getting the message out to you

Should bad weather force closure we will:

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