2017 GCSE outcomes – information for parents

We are looking forward to GCSE Results Day, on Thursday 24 August, when pupils from across the country will find out their GCSE results

The College will be open to students to collect their results from 10:00am until 2:00pm.

This academic year has been one of significant change for schools with fundamental changes being made to the way GCSEs are assessed and graded. We wanted to share some further detail of this, so that you are in a position to more fully understand this summer’s outcomes.

In 2017 examination outcomes cannot be compared to previous years. This is due to:

  • More challenging GCSE examinations being introduced in English and mathematics.
  • The grading for these two subjects has changed, moving from an A*-G scale to a 9-1 scale. Grade 4 is considered a Standard Pass and Grade 5 a Strong Pass.

Due to these changes it will be impossible to know if results in English and mathematics have gone up or down. For this reason 2017 is being called a ‘Year Zero’ and nobody is in a position to imply a rise or fall in results this summer.

We understand this will be a challenge for parents, as it is for all schools, employers and other educational establishments. However, we hope this will help everyone understand the significant changes that are taking place this year.

Here are some useful links which will provide you with more information:

ASCL: GSCE Grading is Changing 2017: FAQs for parents 

ASCL: GCSE Grading is Changing 2017: FAQs for students

Ofqual: New GCSE 9 to 1 grades coming soon

Ofqual postcards: GCSE, AS and A Level reforms

You can also follow the GCSE Grades 9 to 1 page on Facebook.


Further information on the new grading system can be found on the Department of Education Website:https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-gcse-9-to-1-grades-coming-soon




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