A Warm Welcome to ADAPT Theatre at Rye Academy Trust.

The provision of Instrumental Lessons as part of the school day gives every child the opportunity to learn a skill which they may or may not decide to pursue. It is a proven fact that Music has a positive impact on all areas of a child’s development including confidence building and self esteem. These opportunities are supported and encouraged by all levels of Management and are part of the core beliefs within the Trust. ADAPT Theatre shares these beliefs and is proud to deliver the Instrumental Lessons for Rye Academy Trust who lead the way in this field of learning.

Mrs Anneliese Dale ALCM MT. ADAPT Theatre

Instrumental lessons offered:

  • Voice ** Music Theatre, Pop vocal, Blues, Rock, Country and R & B.
  • Guitar - acoustic, electric, bass** and Ukulele.
  • Piano and Keyboard**.
  • Flute and Drums
  • Strings
  • Music Theory
  • Music Theatre groups – numbers permitting.
  • Other instruments will be available from 2015.

Lesson Duration

Each lesson is 25 minutes long in line with curriculum timetable. Lessons are on the same day during each term. Lesson times change each week so that your child does not miss the same lesson on their curriculum timetable at college. All lessons are written in pupil planners at the beginning of each term.

Cost of Tuition

  • Single lesson £14.00
  • Shared (two pupils) £8.50

Please note that no lessons can be given until payment has been made.

Payment for Tuition Payments for lessons need to be made by cheque or cash to MRS A DALE or ADAPT THEATRE. An online payment system and a Standing Order option will be in the near future.

Pupil Premium

It may be possible to access Rye Academy Trust Pupil Premium funds for those who need financial assistance for instrumental lessons. Please contact Anneliese for further details.

Number of lessons:

ADAPT will deliver 40 lessons to each pupil throughout the academic year.

Examinations for Instrumental pupils All pupils learning an instrument will be offered the opportunity to take an annual examination. This will not be compulsory but will be encouraged by all ADAPT tutors.

What do I do now?

Please complete the ADAPT Registration Form and return it to Mrs Anneliese Dale by hand or by post to:

Mrs A Dale
Rye College
The Grove
East Sussex
TN31 7NQ

You will be contacted by email or telephone to confirm the start date, discuss any additional needs and confirm the method and amount of payment required.

Contact Details

T 07803 375 905

E adale.adapt@hotmail.com

W adapttheatre.co.uk

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