“For the practical, the beautiful, the hand-made and the bespoke”

Rye Studio’s on-site shop is a well-stocked emporium, with essential items including stationery and art materials, together with gorgeous gift items made by the students.

Practical purchases include pens, pencils, notebooks, portfolios and sketchpads and maths equipment such as rulers and compasses,  ensuring that students can stock up on all the basics at affordable prices.

In addition, the shop is also a creative boutique, filled with hand-made and bespoke items crafted by the school’s talented fashion, photography and textile students. Original A3 full-colour photographic prints, hand-printed t-shirts and one-off clutch bags and make-up totes sit alongside beautifully crafted iPad covers, greeting cards and pencil cases.

The shop is open from 8.00 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, Monday to Friday.

For enquiries, tel. 01797 222545.

Price List

Rye Studio Shop Price List

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