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This two year course leads to a GCSE in Applied Business. Students will gain an understanding of business, whether working for themselves of others, helping them to improve their entrepreneurial skills and their employability opportunities.
Students will learn how to spot a business opportunity, show enterprise, put a business idea into practice, making a start-up effective and gain an understanding of the economic context. They will study communication and how to communicate with stakeholders of a business, business communication tools and communication via the web. Students will investigate how businesses work including ethical considerations, communication and working with others. They will understand how to keep financial records including methods used in banking and profit and loss accounts.
Students will be assessed with a mixture of 2 exams and a controlled assessment.
At the end of the course, students will be confident in their understanding of business structures, able to to change in the workplace and seek out entrepreneurial opportunities.

Specific requirements

Good progress in English and Mathematics in Key Stage 3

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