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The GCSE English Language course will be taught as a series of projects, based around assessments on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will look at prose, media, fiction and non-fiction texts from the twentieth century.
Students will study the written language in non-fiction and fiction texts to develop their reading and writing skills. Similarly, they will also improve their speaking and listening skills through a series of individual, group and dramatic tasks, and write a response on the use of spoken language. Students will also undertake home learning, consolidating work already studied.
Students will be examined in English by both controlled assessments, speaking and listening assessments and final written papers.
An understanding of our language and text is essential in all walks of life and
is a basic requirement for all college courses. This course will provide a vital
pathway for those wishing to continue to A Level English Language.

Specific requirements

Good progress in English in Key Stage 3

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