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Students explore how digital technology impacts on the lives of individuals, organisations and society. They learn about current and emerging digital technologies and the issues raised by their use in a range of contexts (learning
and earning, leisure, shopping and money management, health and wellbeing
and on the move). They develop awareness of the risks that are inherent in
using IT and the features of safe, secure and responsible practice.
Students broaden and enhance their IT skills and capability. They work with
a range of digital tools and techniques to produce effective IT solutions
in a range of contexts. Students will become independent and discerning
users of IT, able to make informed decisions about its uses and aware of its
implications for individuals, organisations and society. They will acquire and
apply creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of IT in a
range of contexts and develop IT-based solutions to solve problems. They will
develop their understanding of current and emerging technologies and their
social and commercial impact investigating the legal, social, economic, ethical
and environmental issues raised by IT. They will develop the skills to work
collaboratively in a project-based context. Students will be assessed with an
exam and a practical controlled assessment.

Specific requirements

Good progress at IT in Key Stage 3

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