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Students entering Key Stage 4 in September 2015 onwards will take the
new GCSE 9 – 1 Mathematics exam. The course is taught using practical
investigations and methods, written work and problem solving. This practical
approach encompasses Rye Studio’s Problem Based Learning methods of
teaching that encourages collaboration between subjects so mathematical
thinking can be applied to diverse scenarios from business to 3D construction
The grades a*, a, B, C etc are disappearing. Instead, students achieve a ‘grade’
between 9 and 1 (9 being the top ‘grade’). there are still two tiers, Foundation
and Higher but there is a significant difference in the content, rigour and
assessment. Both tiers have added content.
The course will cover aspects of Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry and
Measures, Fractions, Statistic, Equations, Ratio and Proportion.
For most occupations or apprenticeships at least a grade 4 is required.
Mathematics is a core subject that supports jobs in a number of creative
roles; Fashion Marketing, Business, Strategy and Development, Engineering,
Architecture, Computer Coding, 3D Design

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