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Studying the AQA GCSE Core Science course gives students a rounded knowledge and understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A broad range and variety of topics are covered, from drugs to metal extraction to generating electricity, all in fun, engaging and practical ways.
At Rye Studio Science is studied by all students in Year 10 and 11 in a way suited
to creative learners. When learning about the body’s defence system for example,
students make themselves into pathogens and white blood cells and wage a war
until the pathogens are engulfed or shot with antibodies in a wholly physical and
dramatic exercise. The understanding gained is then represented in their folders in
whichever way is most appropriate for each individual.
Students use knowledge and understanding to pose scientific questions and
define scientific problems, and plan and carry out investigations that will
successfully produce data to respond to these questions. This prepares students to
complete their practical coursework that comprises 25% of their GCSE.
Science supports all other subjects, explaining common ideas and practices;
for example a background understanding of colour and light will help students
interested in photography and/or the production arts. For any student, a sound
understanding of Science will help employers recognise desirable skills in them,
including planning, organisation, questioning, predicting, contextualizing
information, analysing results and gaining a deeper understanding of the way our
world works. Projects are delivered in a cross curricular format and in partnership
with Space Studio, London and Herstmonceaux Science Centre.

Specific requirements

Goos progress in Science at Key Stage 3

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