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At AS Level, you will acquire the skills of researching, investigating and interpreting artworks from a number of historical periods, and you will begin to build an understanding of key themes in art and architectural history from classical Greece to the end of the nineteenth century.

You will also explore the relationship between artworks and the social structures of power, wealth, gender and belief from which they arise.

In the second (A2 Level) year, you will build on your skills and understanding by investigating twentieth century art and architecture in greater depth - a time of fundamental change in ideas about art, and one that produced some of the most varied, ambitious and provocative artworks in the history of the Western World.

The course will involve a mixture of traditional ‘face-to-face’ learning and online resources and assessment. This means you will have access to much of what you need to achieve great results at the click of a mouse, from anywhere you have web access and a suitable device. It is an innovative style of learning that’s proving hugely successful in higher education around the world and is perfectly suited to learning about the history of art.

Although it is an academic subject, A Level Art History makes a perfect complement to studio-based work in art, textiles, photography or drama and theatre studies. You will learn to place your studio practice in a richer context of ideas and issues, and will have the many opportunities to use your understanding in the collaborative projects that will be a feature of the Studio School curriculum.

The course is assessed entirely by examination - two papers for AS Level, and a further two papers for A2 Level. There is no coursework element in this qualification.


Specific requirements

The A Level pathway requirement of 5 GCSEs including English and Maths.

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