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The Language and Literature syllabus has two aims: to firstly encourage an appreciation of literature - prose, poetry and drama - of different types and to develop the key skills required to read, analyse and communicate effectively in English. By studying a range of texts, you will understand more about writers' choices of structure and language, and develop your ability to form independent opinions about what you read. Secondly you will also improve your understanding of the English language and how it is used, extending your skills across a range of writing styles, including im-aginative, discursive and argumentative.

At AS Level, you will study an anthology of thematically linked spoken and written texts which provide the opportunity to consider the three major lit-eracy genres and a range of non-literacy texts. Those texts offer the op-portunity to consider the development of language and style over time.

In addition, you will study the language of speech and learn a linguistic framework with which to analyse unseen texts.

You will develop skills of literary and linguistic analysis, focusing on the ways in which language and style help the writer to develop and explore issues within the text (such as theme and character). You will also develop skills in creative writing in response to the texts we study, writing in a particular style, register or voice, based on a thorough knowledge of the text.

At A2 level, you will build on the skills developed at AS level, focusing on literary and linguistic analysis with a specific focus on spoken language, producing your own writing for a variety of purposes and writing commen-taries on your own work.


Specific requirements

In addition to the A level pathway requirement of 5 GCSEs, including Maths, you will need a grade A* or A in GCSE English Language.

You should enjoy reading a wide range of material, both fiction and non-fiction. You should aim to read a broad range of texts, spanning all genres, in preparation for this course.

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