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There are 3 core units which must be achieved by each candidate:

The Innovative Entrepreneur

Within this unit you will study:

- Understand how entrepreneurs are creative

- Be able to encourage creativity

- Be able to access proposals developed from new ideas

- Be able to develop own entrepreneurial skills and attributes

Business Planning and Pitching

Within this unit you will study:

- Be able to develop a business idea

- Be able to develop a marketing plan

- Be able to use financial techniques for planning a business

- Know legal provisions which affect microbusinesses

- Be able to develop a business plan

- Be able to present a pitch for business funding

Leadership and Teamwork

Within this unit you will study:

- Know sources of funding for establishing new business operations

- Know sources of business enterprise financial advice and guidance

- Be able to prepare a cash-flow forecast

- Be able to use budgetary techniques

- Be able to prepare business accounts

You will also have the chance to study in more depth:

- Market research and analysis

- Financial literacy and awareness

- E-marketing and website design


Specific requirements

You should have gained 4 GCSEs (or equivalent) at grades A*-C. In addition, an interest in business is important and maybe a strong desire to set up you business in the future. It helps to have a keen interest in the news and current issues that affect businesses.

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