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Over the two year course you will complete 6 different units, which look to develop your knowledge and skills in performance. You will study and learn in a practical way a range of different musical styles including; 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Disco, Reggae, Punk and Indie.

Through your study you will complete various tasks which will in-clude solo performances, ensemble performances, creating promo-tion materials and presentations with more aside.

In the first year you will study the three units of:

Music Performance Techniques

Session Music Styles

Working and Developing as a Musical Ensemble

In the second year you will study the three units of:

Marketing and Promotion

Solo Performance

Music Project

Over the duration of the course there will be a number of opportuni-ties to see live music of varying styles and genres. You will also be expected to participate and perform at many of the events the Stu-dio School will put on over the two years.


Specific requirements

Experience of music in Key Stage 3 and/or music experience beyond school

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