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Art Textiles is a highly creative art course, which will enable you to create expressive, visual and tactile artworks by selecting and manipulating fibres and fabrics. These can then be developed within a variety of disciplines including Fashion, Interior and Textile Art. Your work will be supported by research, using traditional resources including the library, the web and current periodicals as well as study visits to local, national and international galleries and museums. You will have access to specialist studio space and equipment, and have the opportunity to work alongside professional textile designers in masterclasses or in their workplace.

The emphasis of ‘AS’ year is on experimentation and exploration of materials, techniques and processes. This course will provide you with the opportunity to explore and experiment with colour, shape, texture and pattern through a range of textile processes.

This second (A2) year of study comprises of two units in Textile Design. This course builds on techniques, skills and concepts through practical and research methods. In this second year, you will be able to pursue your own personal strengths and interests.

The course is assessed through practical outcomes and evaluation and culminates in a graduation exhibition.

In addition, as part of the unique studio school’s project-based learning framework, you will be expected to complete various collaborative projects throughout the year, leading to exhibition and business opportunities.


Specific requirements

In addition to the A level pathway requirement of 5 GCSEs, preferably including English and Maths, you will need a GCSE grade A*-B in Art, Textiles or Photography. You will also need to show a portfolio of work demonstrating your creative ability

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