Progression into employment, self employment and freelance working models are exemplified on a daily basis at Rye Studio. From Learning Coaches to Visiting Lecturers, industry experts support learning and share career pathways into the Creative Industries. Individual pathways and best practice are discussed whilst developing skills and techniques for industry.

The Deloitte Expert Programme designed by Patron Howard Lovell, CEO Deloitte Switzerland, invites guests to share their experience in gaining a route to the top of their industries. Networking, work experience, resilience and tenacity are key features to gain success in the contemporary business world. Contacts with top experts, lectures, question and answer sessions plus work placement opportunities create a unique opportunity to get ahead.

Rye Studio Foundation

A totally Studio School interpretation of a traditional Foundation Diploma in Art and Design offering a year to develop a personal style in a preferred genre of the Arts within Fashion, Fine Art and Photography. After completing a Level 3 programme you can join the Diploma course to explore options and explore techniques via engaging projects, lectures, study visits and industry placements. Visiting practitioners inspire and personal coaches mentor under the leadership of course leader, Catherine Bell. Studies take place in the Rye Studio whilst outcomes are exhibited and sold in High Street and virtual retail outlets. This is an amazing opportunity for artists and designers to start a career that can lead to a university degree or to a start up business opportunity.

Career’s Day

To support a deeper understanding of future options and career pathways, Rye Studio offers a Career’s Day with a host of universities, employers, graduates and practitioners from the Creative Industries to provide impartial advice and guidance. Experts from CCSkills offer 1-1 interviews to fine tune career pathways.

From direction to stage management, producing to marketing, lighting to designing, TheatreCraft 2015 is the only place to be for a unique glimpse into careers ‘behind the scenes’ in theatre.


Go to University

Our courses are designed to lead to universities including some of our favourites:

Develop Your Career


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